Who We Are

3PointPlay is a 501(c)3 organization committed to Success Beyond Sports.

Our Mission is to increase individual capacity for

  • Performance on the Court
  • Achievement in the Classroom
  • Impact in the Community

What We Do

  1. Train, coach, and mentor student-athletes from middle school to college
  2. Support individuals/organizations aligned with our Mission and Vision
  3. Promote our message through the distribution of 3Point Performance Gear

How We Do It 

We target 3 sequential objectives, immediate to long-term:

Structure. The starting point for success. Structure focuses your energy and efforts, resulting in greater consistency, output, and productivity. As a student-athlete, the key is to acquire the habits and routines that lead to high performance in Academics, Attitude, and Athletics.

Success. We define Success as the progressive attainment of desired outcomes. Job 1 is to visualize the result you want, then execute the strategies to achieve it. Set personal growth and skill development as your goals. The key to success is your ability to apply the principles and practices that get results.

Significance. This is success taken to a higher level. Significance is making a difference in the lives of others. It’s leadership in action. Start by positively affecting the culture and environment on your campus. Then take your vision into the community.  It’s about Involvement, Influence, and Impact!


3PointPlay® Redefining The Game